A curious caravanserai of notoriety and nonsense, poetry and prophecy.

Golestan (The Rose Garden), by Sa’di

This famous passage from Sa’di’s epic is displayed at the entrance to the United Nations:

The children of Adam are limbs of one another,

Having been created in one essence.

While one limb suffers pain,

The other limbs also cannot be soothed.

If you are not in pain for the suffering of others,

Then perhaps also you are not human.

Chapter 1, Story 10 [my translation]

2 Responses to “Golestan (The Rose Garden), by Sa’di”

    • Arta Seyedzadeh

      Just wanted to take back my words!
      Sa’di well said.
      There are too many beautiful things in the universe that we don’t see them.
      The Law of Attraction explains it.
      I read this poem over and over again and I each time I read it, it gets more meaningful.


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