A curious caravanserai of notoriety and nonsense, poetry and prophecy.

Sectarian Map of Lebanon

I painted this (roughly accurate) map of Lebanon of few nights ago to get a visual handle on the country, where I’m going on Friday إن شاء الله .

Theoretically, Green is Sunni, Purple is Shi’a, Blue is Druze, Red in Maronite, Yellow is Greek Orthodox and Orange is Greek Catholic.


N.B. For what it’s worth I slightly mis-judged the side of my canvas, so the scale’s a little off; while the tip of Israel/Palestine and the Golan Heights is visible in the map, I definitely trimmed off a small strip of the country at the very bottom of the painting, geographically south of Tyre.  This area would’ve been overwhelmingly Shi’ite, or purple.

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