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Morsi Refusing to Step Down, Moved to an Undisclosed Location

Anti-Morsi graffiti in Tahrir earlier today; https://twitter.com/hackneylad/status/352488863899475968/photo/1

It’s pretty cool, but a disincentive to future democratic governments in Egypt…get enough protestors and the army will oust you?

Thousands at pro-Morsi rally chant “Down with military rule” and “invalid” after the announcement; no word on Morsi’s whereabouts; all non-essential staff evacuated from U.S. Embassy in Cairo; head of Egypt’s Church Coptic Pope Tawadros endorses the coup along with Al-Azhar University head, Grand Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayeb (via AJEnglish), new “roadmap” to a constitution will be announced by head of Coptic Church and head opposition leader.

Egyptian state-run media evacuated but Morsi still updates his Facebook page, states that he rejects the military coup; his supporters reputedly still in control of the government.

More than 18 Egyptian emergency teams are on hand to provide First Aid in Tahrir (Liberation) Square.  It seems like having the central square in your capital city named “Liberation” has got to be kind of a jinx on authoritarian governments…

Red Crescent Teams on the scene to provide first aid

Red Crescent Teams on the scene to provide first aid

Tahrir Square aws

Tahrir Square aws

2 Responses to “Morsi Refusing to Step Down, Moved to an Undisclosed Location”

  1. SMG

    You may rightfully accuse me of being a small-minded, jittery aunt, but I’m grateful that you’re studying Arabic in Beirut and not in Cairo this summer. Who could have known – even a few weeks ago – what would unfold? As I’m sure you know, a Kenyon student was killed a few days ago in the Cairo demonstrations.: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-06-29/kenyon-college-student-was-american-killed-in-egypt-clashes.html Somehow I have a feeling that you would have been right there, in the thick of things….

    Btw, I love your blog and follow it faithfully. Thanks for your great posts. *Much* love from Cambridge – Aunt S

  2. Peter J Travers

    It’s a difficult sitch, but I incline to the view that the US should condemn the coup and suspend military aid (per US law). Democracy and rule of law is messy, but also iterative. Local “elites” should not be supported in cancelling non-fraudulent elections jusrbecause they don’t like the results.


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