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Language difficulties

Every day Arabic class reminds me of how much I truly want to learn Spanish.




6 Responses to “Language difficulties”

  1. ollyr1chards

    Interesting. Strange that Russian is in Medium – I don’t speak it but everyone seems to have a pretty hard time with it!

  2. SMG

    You won’t hear me argue against learning Spanish…. It’s a good bang for your time-buck, and certainly important if you’re interested in working with marginalized populations. The more economically/financially inclined (you know who you are) might also argue its advantages in working with emerging markets.

  3. SMG

    And, lest I sound too utilitarian, it’s also the language of Cervantes and Neruda, Allende and Vargas Llosa, Borges and Unamuno… worth studying just so you can read their stuff!

  4. Peter J Travers

    Romanian is easy and Hebrew is medium? Maybe for Joe and Silvia and you: I’ve managed to achieve poor (but fun!) French in only 46 years!😌🍤🍟


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