Wow. Beautiful post… deeply moving in its raw vulnerability and honesty. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way, G.

At the risk of feeding that American egoism (I am personally well acquainted with the tendency in my own self & find it to be the ultimate prison), I’ll say this: if you’re not inspiring awe in Oman for your whiteness/Americanness (which I take as a good & salutary thing), then you’re still inspiring awe in me… not only for the quality of your mind, but even more for the nature of your spirit. You have a lovely essence, G, and and you combine it with some pretty excellent brain power to wonderful effect. You’re suffused with a lovely light from inside, and it’s visible to others; it’s what draws them (us!) near.

I hope that, whatever decision you make about how to spend Eid, it will be right for you. (Being selfish, I thought to myself: Come to Cambridge)!

May I allow myself a suggestion (always a dangerous proposition when it’s unsolicited)… ? If you decide to stay in Oman, you might, if you want, use the time to begin cultivating a grounding practice that could serve you well throughout your lifetime: not only the capacity to be alone (which I suspect you have already), but also the ability to sit in stillness, silence, and solitude. Not aloneness or loneliness, but solitude. If you’re curious, ask me more. If not, forget about it!

At any rate remember that you are so loved. *So* loved.

I can’t wait to see you.

A heartfelt hug, S