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My morning joe

I thought you guys might enjoy it too, so I wrote up the recipe!

Georgia’s African Coffee (pdf)

(Makes one mug.)


6 November 2013

Muscat, OMAN, recipe inspired by something I drank at Bourbon Coffee in Kigali, RWANDA


2 pods cardamom

1-2 tbsp. Nescafé (depending how strong you like it)

½ cup water

½ cup whole milk

1 tbsp. white sugar

½ tsp. cocoa powder

(Optional: add half a cinnamon stick, do not use powdered cinnamon)

A splash of vanilla extract


Place Nescafé, water, milk, white sugar and cocoa powder into a mug. Crack open cardamom pods and sprinkle kernels into mug.  Discard cardamom shells. Stir once with a spoon, microwave for 90 seconds. Remove from microwave, stir, microwave for one more minute. Stir in a teeny splash of vanilla extract and enjoy!


Note: I never actually use vanilla in my coffee here as it is not available in Oman because alcohol is illegal.  I have recently purchased vanilla beans, so maybe one day when I’m feeling luxurious I will scrape a little bean paste into my coffee.

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