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Recent articles worth reading


I’m really fascinated by the developing 3D Printer phenomenon. Yvette and I are considering its implications for our fashion company (lerefletline.com) which, inshallah will be launched in the US in 2014 or 2015 at the latest.


But here’s the thing: You can join Hyperboria only by asking an existing user to connect you, which means it grows slowly—there are just some 500 users now. That creates a collegial feel, a sort of early-days-Internet vibe, and it keeps out pedophiles, hit men, and (for now, probably) spy agencies. Indeed, DeLisle doesn’t regard it as part of the Darknet at all, because he designed it specifically to promote community. (DeLisle’s design also happens to prevent creepy, anonymous behavior.)

“This is like another facet of the slow food movement—it’s like the ‘slow Internet’ movement, except it shouldn’t be slow,” he says. “It’s like buying from a farmer’s market.”

I think it’s working. When I visited, I could already see the trappings of our regular Internet. Hyperboria had a Twitterish clone called Social-node, a Reddit-powered voting-and-sharing service called Uppit, spaces for file-sharing, some blogs, and lively IRC channels. The conversations were friendly and nerdy, probably in part because it still requires a fair bit of technical smarts to figure out how to join. “The founder of CD Baby went on and said, ‘Wow, this is like the Internet in 1994,’ ” DeLisle says. It’s devoid of corporate shilling and link-baity “click here” sites.

Interesting opinion article on “Darknets” and the future of alternative networks that provide anonymity and privacy in the wake of Snowden’s 2013 revelations about the U.S. government’s internet surveillance.


Terrific infographic on knowing your rights when the cops pull you over.


Excellent article about charismatic churches in Ghana, well-written and very relevant to my life these days! Thanks Aaron for passing along!

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